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Shop exclusive Finding Joy Collection by Rachel Marie Martin
Shop exclusive Finding Joy Collection by Rachel Marie Martin

Handcrafted Encouragement (A Book of Notes to Share with Others)

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A modern day carpenter gets the dreaded phone call. His wife is gone. In the midst of grief, he finds his way back to hope by sending anonymous encouragement to others. Now his son shares his father’s never-seen-before words in an interactive book that will empower you to touch the hearts of others too.


Detailed Description

Our world tells us self-help is the key to happiness and healing but research shows making a difference for others actually has a greater impact on our well-being. Handcrafted Encouragement provides a simple, inspiring way to remind you to experience joy by sharing notes of encouragement with others.

It includes powerful and comforting truths like…

-There is potential in what others see as useless.

-There is a hope where all you feel right now is hurt.

-There is purpose even when you’re in the midst of pain.

Why? Because God is always writing a story beyond what we can see with our human eyes. You’ll even read testimonies of people whose lives are proof, who were touched by the words of one grieving man, who relentlessly clung to grace even in his darkest moments. In a world that tells us that only what’s big and loud can be transformative Handcrafted Encouragement will remind you that it’s the still, small voice of God in our hearts that changes everything.

Handcrafted Encouragement includes

- A How To Use This Book Guide

- 45 truths from the heart of God

- Inspiring testimonies of changed lives

- Tear-out pages with ready-to-share encouragement

- Pages for writing your own notes and thoughts

- A giving record to keep track of how you’ve encouraged others

- Beautifully bound in a leatherette format you can easily carry with you

About the Author

True to form, the author has chosen to remain anonymous and not be cited as the source of the work choosing that the content be taken at face value as a reflection of God’s heart toward people with him being a willing vessel not needing the accolades.

No. of Pages

193 Pages

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