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Shop exclusive Finding Joy Collection by Rachel Marie Martin
Shop exclusive Finding Joy Collection by Rachel Marie Martin
Our Story

We believe that our journey is filled with moments of bravery, self- discovery, laughter and adventure and welcome a collection celebration of the story that is you. Whether it is a simple word such as a joy or a powerful word like brave or a centring phrase like “Just breathe” our mission is to create products that enhance your journey. So much of the time we look at change and challenges at difficulties, but here at Oohlu we also recognise these are the moments that make our hearts alive and our lives filled with wonder. As a result, our products reflect that wanderlust ethos coupled with the hustle mentality of change.

Started in the creative hub of Nashville,TN. The creators of Oohlu have spent over twenty years building businesses that embody the Oohlu life of fearless adventures and unlimited potential. We have combined talents and put them to use creating a global community of change and fellowship. We embrace a life outside the box where possibilities are endless. Our products will remind you of your Purpose, keep you centered and enhance your life. Whether it's the reminder to breathe or the boldness of bravery all of our products serve as benchmarks of Strength, change, joy, courage and possibility.

Oohlu is an eCommerce empowerment startup base just outside a Nashville, TN. Connecting moms, travelers, entrepreneurs, professionals, millennial, and motivators throughout the world - with fun, fresh and encouraging products. Pursuing and element of uniqueness that is beautifully reserved for everyone, we are originals in our own way. At Oohlu we celebrate individuality. Promoting, Bravery, Joy and a dash of wanderlust... No matter your age or background, Oohlu is a platform for everyone. We carry a variety of positively inspired products and apparel that will help our friends find their voice in this world. With encouraging quotes, to bright coordinated colors that embrace our collective soul, Oohlu is a new kind shopping experience that proves that by investing in each other, we are investing in our future. Presently, we design and produce apparel, journals, stationary, accessories, home  decor, drinkware , totes, jewellery, pillows and blankets with future releases of furniture, home fragrance, natural lip balm and more to come. Oohlu plans to expand their online community as much as possible, welcoming connection and conversation through all forms of content and social media channels.